SUNPOWER 6.5W Solar Backpack with 2L water tank

Technical Specifications:

Model Number: SUP-BP01

1. Solar Panel Efficiency:  6.5W SUNPOWER

2. Output:DC 5V 1A

3. Encapsulation: PET+EVA+CELL+EVA+black PET+Fabric (EVA is with TUV(EVA) REACH Certificate)

4. Maximum power(Pm) 6.5W 

5. Voltage at max power(Vmp) 6.5V 

6. Current at max power(Imp) 1.0A 

7. Open circuit voltage(Voc) 7.8V 

8. Short circuit current(Isc) 1.07A

9. Solar panel size: 155*302mm

10. Bag size:470*330*100mm

11. Transfer efficiency: 22.5%

12. Bag material: 100% nylon

13. Weight: 750g

14. Color: Blue or Red

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Additional Features

1. Detachable solar panel, can be used alone

2. Unique drinking 2L bag design

3. Stable straw design, to choose left or right water outlet according to personal habit

4. Solar SUNPOWER backpack is a low carbon and environmental products, a good helper for travel

5. Solar Panel Bending angle >20 degrees 

6. Solar Panel' super thin 3mm 

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