SUPower 3.5mm Solar Panel Charger with quick charging

Technical Specification

Model Name: SUP-F02A

1. Solar Panel: PET lamination

2. Battery Capacity:1000mAh

3. Surface: Printing paper 

4. Conversion efficiency: 17%

5. Solar Panel:2.2W(Max)

6. Output: USB 5V, 450mAh(Max)

7. Size:200*140*6mm

8. Weight: 121g 

9. Color & Pattern: Customized

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1. With built-in 1000mAh li-polymer battery, charge smartphones more stably

2. PET laminate monocrystal solar panel, high conversion efficiency

3. Ultra thin & light, easy to carry

3. Charging way: sunlight charging 

4. High power conversion efficiency 

5. Pattern and Color can be customized as client’s artwork

6. Long solar panel life

7. Comes with hang hole and carabiner, can be attached on backpacks

8. Ultra bright LED light for emergency use (slow flashing / quick flashing) 

Usage: Double-click the switch LED light keep on lighting; Press the switch again for slow flashing obstacle light; Third press for quick flashing distress signal light.

Download:Click to download