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The Impression

Lijiang is a beautiful shining jewel on the Northwest Yunnan Plateau neighboring the southeast side of the Tibetan Plateau which is considered to be the "Roof of the World". It is impressive because of its scenery and lush vegetation.

Lijiang boasts of breath-taking wonderful sights such as Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and its modern maritime glacier, the only one of its kind in the southern end of the Northern Hemisphere; Tiger Leaping Gorge; the world - famous grand canyon; Lugu Lake, the cultural cradle of the "Matriarchy" of the Yongning Mosuo people in Ninglang. Lijiang Town is officially called "Dayan Town"—— "Dayan" literally means a "great inkstab", a graphic description of the town's location on a piece of rich flatland fed by a river and surrounded by green mountains. There is no other town in China like Dayan which incorporates the folkways of so many people and the architectural styles of both north and south China.

The people of Naxi, while developing their land of snow-clad mountains and turbulent rivers since ancient times, have to their credit the "Dong Ba Culture" seen as one of the world wonders, a culture all-embracing while unique.

All these natural sceneries and these cultural treasures of the minority peoples have been continuously drawing tourists from all over the world and have recently vote Lijiang as one of the favorite destinations in China.


      1. Lijiang 丽江

  2. Roof of the World 世界屋脊

  3. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain 玉龙雪山

  4. Tiger-leaping Gorge 虎跳峡

  5. Lugu Lake 泸沽湖

  6. Dayan Town 大研镇


The Besttime

Whenever, it is beautiful in Lijiang, but it will surely be a season best suitable to your mind.

Spring: March to May, switchgrass germination, spring, the eighth lunar month is the biggest holiday of the Naxi three sections, this day, Naxi people will come back to visit the ancient city dressed in national costume to move out of the old ancient.

Summer: June-August, bloom + rainy season, wildflower open field between flowers everywhere, all kinds of Zi also enter the multi-water period, which is the most beautiful time but the rainy season is also more clouds, it is difficult to see snow mountain. Lunar June 24 start of the Torch Naxi ancient city gate every household will ignite the torch.

Fall: September to November, the harvest season, the weather turns cold clouds sky, lush vegetation, more sunny weather is the most comfortable and pleasant Lijiang season.

Winter: December - February next year, as long as there is sun, is extremely comfortable. Winter is the best season to see the snow-capped mountains, blue skies, the air is clear, if you happen to catch the snow, then the Yulong Snow Mountain was the most beautiful day you caught up.

Warm Tips: No matter what the season in Lijiang, Morning and Evening are cold, and hot noon ; Rainy day is cold, sunny day is hot. Apart from winter to bring down jacket thick sweater, the other seaons with a thick coat, thin sweater, even in the dog days.


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