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China - Changde - Zhangjiajie Trip Share
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Yong city old things: 17 years ago, it's called "Dayong" Now it is called "Zhangjiajie".


In Zhangjiajie city, a restaurant hanging signs still remained Dayong marks.Zhangjiajie in Hunan, there is such an interesting phenomenon: in the city, with 30 to 40 years old as a watershed, 40 years or older people can not forget that he is still a "big mediocre", people 30 years of age are more willing call themselves "Zhangjiajie," while people between 30 to 40 years old are wavering between these two identities.

Before renamed Dayong only a county under the jurisdiction of Zhangjiajie Forest (Zhangjiajie National Forest Park) and under the jurisdiction of Suoxiyu Cili County, Sangzhi County under the jurisdiction of tianzishan, mountains and rivers, with a quartz sandstone peaks geomorphology, was the "Golden Triangle" tourism development trend. 1985 unified the three co-called "Wulingyuan Scenic Area", a county Dayong City, 1988 upgraded to prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Yongding (formerly Dayong County), Wulingyuan District, Cili County and Sangzhi . 1994, changed its name to the city of Zhangjiajie.

An unavoidable fact that after renaming, because it has the world's natural heritage Zhangjiajie Geopark and other rich tourism resources, rapidly expanding popularity at home and abroad, and promote the city's economy forward. According to statistics, last year the city's domestic and foreign tourists amounted to 23.5 million passengers, an increase of 21.9%, 1.48 million foreign tourists trips, tourism revenue reached 12.5 billion yuan, with tourism-based tertiary industry contribution rate to GDP 65.9%.

Tianzishan scenic tour some spots

Directions: Grand Guantai --- --- God chicken pecking emperor seat (Legend Tujia Wang Tianzi meditation place) --- --- fairy bridge difficult step

Note:In addition to the legendary Grand Guantai, the others are a natural barrier, especially fairy bridge and difficult step, is said to have had visitors stumble Laya died, but also fall arms are the arms, legs, legs. Companion lotus bit afraid of heights, and then listening to those horror stories, when the "difficult step" soft legs. But the infinite in the awesome scenery, scenery is really impress!


Walled Spot (that is, before the bandits nest)

Directions: Rooster crowing --- --- animal gatherings --- --- Walled door (the door has a very special thing waterwheel style, I call five seesaw, a lot of fun stuff) --- I'm sorry (who would not bow, who would not bend over, man guards the pass Wan Fumo open) sky House --- --- --- bandit lair treasure cave air corridor --- --- --- Yixiantian asking for the moon.

Note: The name of the attractions can be seen from Walled easily defensible. In addition, the scenery is not that pretty, kinda fun. We'll dig treasure, while frosted son, also tried the echo. I even tried to throw a stone sub Yixiantian depth, gravel collision sound endless, bottomless hole tiny Yixiantian ah!


Yangjiajie Spot

Route: the world bridge to heaven --- ---Turtle Parashorea --- ---Five women off --- ---Ecstasy Tai --- ---Test sword stone --- ---After the garden

Note: Yangjiajie encountered more than South Korea tours, mostly the old man and woman, and the number is very much, so I feel as if time travel in Korea, few of us are the foreigners.


Old house farm tour (old house located tianzishan field area, is a small way my request special added attraction)

Directions: Echo Valley ---Magic gathering ---Air pastoral ---One hundred Long Ladder (Lex)

Note: I found the old house games from the Internet ALICE recommendation, few tourists know this so surprised a small way, let me very proud. Very bad way to go, Zhang naturally give up, back to the hotel to rest. Our two woman, lotus happily went with me, and she did not regret it! That is another rare experience, like a real mountain people go as untrimmed mountain road. When hard to reach the destination, the heart kind of unspeakable pride and satisfaction, as if to challenge yourself like a success. The tour guide said, it is because we may also have shares bones Montagnards wild. Especially like Slapback, I cry in the mountains in the rotation, from near to far, repeated seven or eight times. Special fun! ! ! In fact, in Walled bandits nest, there are echoes, but the sound was so clear it can not be sustained in the long travels so far.


Tour tianzishan Shentang Bay and Long Park

Directions: [Shentang Bay area] huge footprints and marks going emperor

--- Shentang Wang Tianzi jumping at bay

--- Shentang natural bay door (formed from a pinnacle, is spectacular)

--- Dianjiang Tai

--- Take the green car to [Long Park] Long bronze statue

--- Love Test Stone  (Journey boned shooting point)

--- West Shilin (Stone boat, Yubi peak, fairy falls to pieces, etc.)


Wulingyuan scenic tour

Directions: First cableway (tianzishan --- Golden Whip)

--- Golden Whip Grand Canyon (scenery did not have to say that we also play into the water to catch fish, definitely into the nature)

--- Suoxiyu Shilihualang (with index finger peak, herbs for the elderly, such as Three Sisters, very much like !!)

Warm Tips--

I'm pretty good impression on the locals, unlike before departure so panic, mainly because there is a good guide's sake. Xiao Song was quoted by the Internet standard closing costs: RMB480 / person, including three days and two nights accommodation and transportation. We absolutely can eat more than the online description of the standard, stay very comfortable. He also cook to cook for us, for our backpacks, to help us pick berries when climbing into the water to catch fish. He reminded us not to mess buy things in the mountains, but after we went down with a regular supermarket purchases, so the effort back down the mountain, wasting money to buy fakes. Even back to the city, at the end of his responsibility, he helped us with the price given to locals cheap hotel, took us to eat but also to help us fight to pay the price with the locals until the next day to help buy Phoenix tickets until farewell so far. To this end, I once again rejoice in our good fortune, and sincerely thank him! ! ! )


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