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The happiest animals - Short-tailed dwarf kangaroos, which only exist at some islands of West Australia


An Short-tailed dwarf kangaroos is watch the LUCKY BAY


Hobart City - Wellington Hill, the moon at the early morning hours


Queensland's a beach, water day phase


Currency: Australia in Australian dollars, New Zealand, the New Zealand dollar as the currency in the major international airports, banks and other businesses to handle foreign currency exchange and traveler's checks, and convenient.

Hotel Accommodation: Hotel in Australia, New Zealand water within drinkable, has also fitted with an electric kettle. But the hotel does not have a disposable toothbrush, slippers, bring your own.

Time difference: China faster than the east coast of Australia the whole two hours, four hours the whole of New Zealand is faster than China. If the period of daylight saving time in Australia and New Zealand will need to add one hour (daylight saving time from the annual October to next April)

Clothing: Australia and New Zealand over the dress casual dress ready when guests then adjust according to the climate and their own physical condition at departure brought clothing, preferably in light dress mainly to reduce the burden of the journey.

Sunscreen: Australia, New Zealand, the sun was shining, and the environment is open, so the opportunity to direct sunlight into the skin more, especially when performed in outdoor activities must be good protection measures, such as wearing a hat, wear long-sleeved clothes to lead use sunscreen SPF15 or more, such as participating in outdoor water sports, use a waterproof sunscreen.

Voltage: The voltage used in Australia and New Zealand for 240 volt, three-prong plug for flat plug, guests are advised to bring their own conversion plugs

Shopping: Australia and New Zealand rich, there are a number of specialty products, such as wool, wool skin, wool fabrics, cotton suet, wool dolls, gold, opal, health foods, skin care and beauty products, low duty-free alcohol and tobacco.

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