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October 6 (Monday, sunny)

Departure to Chiang Mai, is a half before departure from the decision, simply because in the same way to see the cheap machine + wine. Chiang Mai as Thailand has been deeply embarrassing hit most Chinese people's psychology. Mamba's no night downtown, nor Koh Phuket seaside style, as it was once the capital of Lanna dynasty ground, is to let the world slowly reveal its mysterious veil.

Plane was delayed two and a half hours to arrive. After four hours of flight, we finally at 12:50 am on October 8, arrived the Chiang Mai International Airport. Honestly Chiang Mai airport is really small, perhaps the relationship evening, sparsely populated, nor TUTU and double bar, and you want to take a taxi at the airport can only rely on local staff. Staff will give you the number plate and give you a taxi. From taxi to our stay at the hotel in about chiangmoihouse 300B, perhaps because the car may be modified, and when we arrived at the inn door, has the duty officer to the door to look at the situation (because he is a small alley, there is no one big night ah). I am very excited because there are already local time 1:30 and actually there are people to help us go through the check, then gave the consumer got into the room to rest, because the morning also make an appointment to go to cook it.

Chiang Mai Airport Appearance


Tour the ancient city of Chiang Mai

Old Town Square is actually a division of the ancient city and the city is actually across all kinds of doors, the remaining walls and moat. Coupled with the ancient city of Chiang Mai city government does not allow the built-in high-rise buildings, so the line of sight within the city you can see very far.

Within the city than most various temples, almost a few will be able to see a temple. And Theravada Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai seems to have some kind of relationship, but unfortunately usually see more of Tibetan Buddhism, so it is placed in the temple's exterior or interior of the temple, and how to pray is really ignorant. Just as a Buddha in Thailand, every citizen are holding very pious heart to come and pray. Their faces can not see a lot of people that come to the temple and pray for the quick success of domestic sense, they seem to like the Tibetans in Tibet, as the Buddha has become an essential part of life.

We called the cars go from tappeh TUTU door farthest Paxin temple, the temple can also think of reading (though not that day) back to the hotel on Sunday night market along. To Paxin Temple really is quite spectacular


Paxin Temple tickets are to be formalities for foreign tourists 20B / person. In buying local can ask lotus flower lamp or ask worship. In Thailand, the flowers seem to be more common worship. We also saw a lot of the temple came to painting students. Each of them will be wearing a name written on their listing, is really very interesting.

Prior to Thailand, in many books will be referred to the Raiders or visit the temple girls wear short-sleeved pants and big pants or knee skirt. But then we found we had not so strict.

In addition to the main hall of the temple Paxin, it seems there are many side hall, some places are still renovations.


Thai temple seems to take pictures is not particularly pay attention. In China, a lot of light opened Buddha is generally not take pictures. But Thailand seems to be, but when the camera person must sit.


Next to the temple is a school, do not know the Buddhist Institute. Thai boys know for a table to be ordained a devout life. We can see exactly the school playground. Class time is just about right, we are active in the playground.


Kang Long Night Market


There are many monks alms in Taupe door, and even some believers administered directly in the street to buy a product directly on the monks alms bowl. There are also many of which are directly in front of the monks kneel to accept their chanting and praying for themselves.


Panoramic view of Chiang Mai


Doi Suthep Temple gate

Many people Suthep seen its reputation not only to attract a lot of foreign tourists, Thailand Doi Suthep Temple for many locals concerned is also pray for peace in the Holy Land.May be out of the protection of the local culture, foreign tourists entering the Doi Suthep to pay 30B / person tickets.


Chiang Mai University


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